About Us & What We Offer

As Engineers with different experiences, expertise and tools, we realised that between us we have lots to offer to almost any Electronics project. By joining together as Dotstar Design, we have the capabilities to help at any stage of a project. We can take on complete projects or help you to complete one.
Maybe you have technical problems that we can help you to solve, or perhaps need more resources to help to get the project completed. We could even be your complete Electronics department if that is what you need.
With experience that includes Digital and Analogue hardware, firmware and software, we can help with complex or simple projects including specification, design, production and test. Because we have our own PCB layout tools, Signal Integrity simulator, production and test equipment we do not need to sub-contract those project phases - helping to keep the costs and time-scales to a minimum.

Our Capabilities

We can work with your specification or help you to find the solution to your problem. With that we can work with you to design a system to meet your needs.

With experience designing Digital, Analogue, Mixed Signal and RF hardware we can design custom hardware for your project, however simple or complex it needs to be.

We are able to provide schematic capture and design capabilites using the full GOLD version of CADSTAR 12. Once the design is captured in CADSTAR we can quickly move forward into PCB layout.

With the CADSTAR 12 Gold package we can undertake PCB layout for any design from the simplest single sided boards up to the most complicated multilayer boards with 16+ layers. Using Signal Integrity Verify (SIV) we can then run simulations to assess the signal integrity of the design.

Using our experience working with PCB manufacturers and our in-house assembly tools we are able to provide manufacture and assembly services. By using a vapour phase reflow process we can achieve reliable, quick and affordable low volume manufacture of single boards right through to volume manufacture.

With years of experience developing software for a multitude of different applications we can provide the software or firmware that you need to solve your problems. Whether this is for the simplest embedded systems with the smallest microcontroller, high speed signal processing in the largest FPGAs or complex multithreaded software in multi-core systems we are here to help.

With a large array of test equipment and a wealth of knowledge from working with real world systems we can provide the expertise and tools to test and debug your electronics whether working in the early design stages with prototypes or providing ongoing test services for your production systems.

In The News

Expertise & Previous Work

Motor Test System

With expertise working in many fields, read more to find out how our engineers undertook a previous project to produce a radar interface board.

Radar Interface Board

With expertise working in many fields, read more to find out how our engineers undertook a previous project to produce a radar interface board.

Low Noise PSU Design

Power supplies are an integral part of any circuit, however providing sufficient power without introducing lots of noise provides many challenges.

ADC/DAC Board Design

Many designs use ADCs or DACs, avoiding commong pitfals and optimising your design for the correct parameters are very important to get the best performance for your application.

Wireless Water Sensor

Development a multi-node water/humidity sensor which could notify the customer over the 3G cellular network.

FPGA Power Monitoring

With FPGAs using so many different power supplies a simple and reliable method for controlling, sequencing and monitoring voltages levels and current consumption can be a challenge.

Linescan Inspection System

Our engineers previously worked on a project producing a linescan inspection system, read more to discover how we used our expertise to make the project a success.

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