Software and FPGA Development

We are able to develop the software for any embedded system with the smallest microcontroller, microprocessor, digital signal processor through to complex multithreaded software in multi-core systems. With previous projects using C, C++, assembler, TI Code Composer Studio™, Atmel Studio and 3L Diamond we are able to adapt to whatever environment in necessary for your project.

With experience using the VHDL, Verilog and SystemVerilog languages and ISE, Vivado and Quartus tools for FPGA development along with the knowledge of digital signal processing and techniques we can help produce the hardware designs you need.

Whatever technologies you are using we can help provide the software you need to get it working with knowledge of developing linux and windows drivers, USB devices, PCIE, high speed Ethernet including 10 Gigabit. With smart connected devices and the internet of things gaining momentum we have the skills to help you develop networked devices including experience with WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-wave, mesh networking, TCP/IP, SOAP/REST web services etc.

Not only can we help develop the software and firmware to run on your electronics we also have the experience and knowledge to help build software for any other platform. Previous work has included creating software for windows and linux applications as well as server and web based systems allowing us to help you build a full software eco-system for your devices. We can always make use of the right tools and technology to produce the best solution for you with experience using C#, .NET, C/C++, Python, QT, HTML, SQL, Netbeans, Eclipse, Visual Studio etc.

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