PCB Layout and Simulation

With the CADSTAR 12 Gold package we can define the layer stack of your board, choose the placement of the components and route the connections between them. We can do this for any design from the simplest single sided boards up to the most complicated multilayer boards with 16+ layers. Having previously designed boards with top of the range FPGAs, high speed processors, sensitive analogue circuitry and high frequency RF designs working with signals of 6+GHz, we can help ensure you get the best layout for your PCBs. We are able to design any board using both through hole and SMT components including BGA, QFN, DFN, LGA, QFP, 0402.

As electronics gets faster and faster signal integrity plays an increasingly important role in today’s PCB designs. We will choose the layer stack, the component placement and the routing of your board considering signal integrity from the very beginning of your design. By using Signal Integrity Verify (SIV) we are able to run pre and post layout simulations using IBIS models provided by component manufacturers to ensure we have acheived the best performance possible. With not only the tools but years of experience and some of the best expertise in accurately simulating high speed designs and reliably interpreting the results and the know how to prevent and fix issues with signal integrity so you can be confident your designs will work reliably.

We can help you get the best solution whatever the constraints of your design whether this is reducing costs, size or getting the very best performance from your electronics. With extensive knowledge of the whole electronic design process we are able to help ensure your designs are built for manufacture and test, reducing any problems further down the line.

Whether you need us to design the whole PCB, layout your design or just provide simulations and help improving your layout, get in touch now to discuss your needs.

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