Custom Hardware Design

You may have a detailed design or just a rough idea of what you need, either way we have the tools and experience to provide complete electronic design for your PCB. We can create any PCB design from basic digital or analogue boards through to complex mixed signal and high frequency RF designs.

We have expertise in designing high speed digital designs and experience working with many microcontrollers including PIC, AVR & ARM processors as well as designing with multi-core microprocessors and the largest FPGAs from Xilinx and Altera. Previous projects have also involved working with DDR3 memory, PCIE, USB, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and more.

With our detailed knowledge of the full product design process we can help at the early stages of design to make sure your system is desgined for manufacture and test to make sure future problems are minimised. We will also incorporate good design practices to design for the best signal integrity as well as reduce component and manufacturing costs.

As well as a wealth of knowledge designing digital systems we can also undertake any of your analogue or RF designs with experience working with top of the range RF components to develop RF signal chains up to 6GHz.

With the markets for internet of things and smart devices growing rapidly we have the expertise to help design your next connected system. With experience working with WiFi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, Z-Wave and many more. Whatever system you are developing we can help get your devices up and talking with the rest of the world quickly and easily.

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