Real-Time Measurement Instruments

If you need to measure and record something in real-time, Dotstar Design have the expertise and capabilities you need to get you a solution quickly. We have provided multi-channel, multi parameter measurement systems to a variety of customers, connected using USB, Ethernet, PCI etc.

Creating the Best Solution For Your Needs

To find the ideal solution for a measurement system it is important to consider the many elements which will make up the system:

Standard sensors are availiable to measure parameters like temperature, position, hunidity, light etc. If standard solutions are not suitable custom sensors can be developed.

Off the shelf products or custom electronics can be used to interface with sensors and product measurements for your system.

Measurement data may need further processing to produce the data you need. This could invovle some calibration, averaging and combining of data from multiple measurement channels.

Industry standard or custom interfaces can be used to get your data from the measurement equipment to a user's computer screen. Ensuring reliability and preventing data loss accross this interface is essential.

A data logging system will need to store the measurements somewhere, a solution will need to be found which deals with the amount of data being produced and ensures no measurements are lost. This could involve a simple CSV export, pushing data into a server-side database etc.

To make use of the captured measurements its certain you will need to view and analyse the data. This could be through custom developed graphing software or by ensureing stored date is accessable from standard data analysis tools.

How Can Dotstar Help You?

Dotstar Design has the experience needed to help you with all of the above elements. We can help you to select the sensors, connect electronics to them, and to make the system provide you the data in the way that you need.
Custom Electronics, Integrating off the shelf electronics, interfacing to standard computer interfaces, developing software for the embedded hardware and standard computer are what we do.
Our in house production and test facilities allow us to manufacture prototypes and low to medium numbers of systems for you. For larger numbers we can liase with and manage sub contractors for you.

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